10 Ways to Make CPAP More Comfortable


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Every CPAP user knows that it can be difficult to adjust to sleeping while wearing a CPAP mask. Here are some things you can do to be more comfortable while sleeping with a CPAP machine.

  1. Make Sure You Have the Right CPAP Mask
    One of the most important things you can do to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep with CPAP is to ensure sure you have the proper mask size and style, and are wearing it properly. Consult your manufacturer instructions, or contact your doctor or medical equipment provider for more info on how to properly adjust your model of CPAP mask.Consider how the mask fits your face shape and head size. If you switch masks, remember that size and style type are not always consistent across brands.
  2. Get Acquainted With Your Machine
    If you have just started using a CPAP machine, getting used to wearing it every night can be very difficult at first. Acquaint yourself to the machine and its settings by wearing it for short periods while you are watching TV or reading. This will help you get used to the feeling of using a CPAP machine, and allows you to make necessary comfort adjustments before going to bed.  Gradually adjusting to the feeling of wearing the machine will help you get comfortable and achieve a good night’s rest in the long run.
  3. Get a CPAP Pillow
    CPAP users often have difficulty adjusting to a comfortable position when sleeping on a regular pillow. The mask and tubes are tricky to make room for with a normal pillow, which a special CPAP pillow can resolve. CPAP specific pillows accommodate the straps, mask, and hosing for a more comfortable sleep, and help prevent mask leaks.

    A pillow might help

  4. Add Humidification to Your Machine
    Many CPAP users complain that their noses and throats experience dryness when using their machines. Purchasing a machine with a CPAP humidifier or adding one onto your existing CPAP machine will help relieve discomfort. Saline sprays before bedtime can help this problem as well. An improperly fitting or leaky mask can be the cause of this problem.
  5. Moisture Therapy Lotion to Ease Dryness
    The CPAP mask coming in contact with the delicate skin on the face can cause discomfort such as dryness and chafing. There are special lotions created for CPAP users that don’t include any petroleum products, which can be damaging to the mask’s materials.  A special lotion will help address any skin sensitivities caused from wearing the mask.
  6. Use Hose and Strap Covers
    There are products available that cover materials on the CPAP to create a more pleasant sleeping experience. Fleece strap covers provide a more comfortable material against the face skin than the manufacturer standards. Soft covers for hose tubes can help insulate the air and prevent condensation. They also create a barrier that helps reduce noise from the hose rubbing up against furniture when you change positions during the night.

    A cover for the hose makes it more comfortable

  7. Quieting Devices
    Noise is a major cause of discomfort when using a CPAP machine. There are a few techniques you can try to quiet your machine. Certain models of CPAP machines have “whisper caps” available that reduce noise created by the machine. Many people use a longer hose so they can place the machine at the foot of the bed or outside of the room. Some people find that a white noise machine or fan will help lessen the impact of machine noise.  For those who have tried everything, there are always earplugs or just buying a new machine. CPAP machines have gotten significantly quieter than they were a just a few years ago.
  8. Maintain Your Machine
    There are a few things you should do regularly to maintain your machine. Periodic cleanings prevent bacteria growth and help ensure odors don’t develop. All parts of the machine should be cleaned daily, but at least weekly. Cleaning the filter regularly helps maintain airflow, and should be replaced annually at minimum. A clean machine will help reduce allergens like dust from building up inside, which result in uncomfortable and unhealthy sleep.  There are products created specifically for cleaning your CPAP machine, including mask wipes and special solutions.

    A nasal pad can often make wearing a CPAP feel more comfortable

  9. Wear a Nasal Pad
    Nasal pads help make wearing a mask more comfortable by easing the pressure on the nasal bridge applied by the mask. Nasal pads help provide a customized fit around the hard to fit area around the bridge of the nose. Nasal pads are made of a gel material and rest over the nose and nasal cavities to help create a more custom, comfortable fit. They reduce discomfort and skin irritation, and help create a tighter seal on the mask.
  10. Hose Management
    Hose management systems help stop you from rolling over onto the hose and prevent you from getting tangled up while you sleep. Hose management systems feature a swivel arm that allows you to move freely without having to wake up and adjust. Hose management devices fit under your mattress and suspend the hose away from your body for a more comfortable sleep.

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