Snoring Causes

Snoring Problems Could Result in Heart Risk

People that snore loudly while they are asleep at night may have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. They may often snore so loud that they wake themselves up, and then feel very groggy the next day and not being able to concentrate. They may even almost fall asleep while they are at their places of work. This may sound like a major problem, but a new study has indicated that there could be even [...]
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Snoring is Not Just A Problem That Affects Men

People are usually surprised how often women are treated for snoring problems, just as well as men. It is estimated that 25% of women are affected by snoring, or they at least share the bed with a partner that does have a snoring problem. Women can, and actually do snore, and it is a problem that can affect women of all ages. However, it has been noticed that the problem most often occurs in women [...]
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Some Causes of Snoring

When it comes to snoring, the main cause of it is due to the narrowing of airways mainly in your throat that restricts the amount of air that you breathe while you are trying to sleep. When you are asleep, the muscles in the back of your throat are in their most relaxed state. As you begin to inhale and exhale, the soft tissues in the back of your throat begin to vibrate, and that [...]
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A Link Between Psychiatry and Sleep Apnea?

It sounds rather crazy (no pun intended) but a hospital Salt Lake City, Utah started a pilot program designed to test their psychiatric patients for sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea is a condition where someone that snores heavily stops breathing for moments at a time due to airway obstruction.  (The definition of apnea is “the absence of breath.”)  In compiling the statistics that were gathered during the implementation of their new program, they found some surprising [...]
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Snoring and Psychiatry

A Couple of Hints to Reduce Snoring

Snoring isn’t just annoying for the people around the sleeper.  It can be dangerous to some people.  Some snoring is due to simple things, like have the congestion from a cold, or sleeping in an awkward position.  Other times it can be because a person consumed alcoholic beverages a bit too generously.  Those types of snoring are only temporary, and pose little risk to a person’s overall health.  Instead they become the brunt of a [...]
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Stop Snoring

Is Your Thyroid Ruining Your Sleep?

If you don’t already know, a condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) could be affecting your sleep and your health.  It is a condition when the breathing passages become narrowed or obstructed, reducing oxygen to the body and causing snoring.  It is linked to other health conditions, like high blood pressure, heart disease, and metabolic disorders.  But there is one condition that most people don’t think about in the list of causes for OSA – [...]
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Snoring Has More Risks Than You Know

Snoring is common problem that many people face.  There are times that everyone snores at some point in their lives.  Sometimes it’s due to a cold, an awkward sleeping position, or allergies.  But there are some people that snore every night.  The snoring itself isn’t the problem that people should focus on.  It’s the effects of the chronic condition called obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) that you should be aware of.  OSA results when the muscles [...]
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Snoring is the New Mistress in Marriages

Ok, so your spouse snores.  He probably says that you do, too.  Men are the most afflicted by snoring disorders, probably due to their body mass and musculature that is a male trait.  Their necks are thicker, their chests have more muscle, and they tend to fall asleep in some awkward positions.  All of these contribute to a snoring problem.  Some men will still feel rested after a night of keeping the wife awake with [...]
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Snoring New Mistress

The Snore Wars Continue

It’s no secret that everyone snores every once in awhile.  It happens.  But when it comes to the constant bone-rattling, window shaking rumblings that happen night after night, some bed partners get a bit touchy when their sleep in interrupted.  Other people find it amusing on occasions.  They even go so far as to say that sometimes that snoring has its benefits. But the benefits are only for the amusement of others, and can be [...]
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Snore Wars

Pressure Stockings Help Snoring

If you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) then you already know what it is and how it can affect your overall health.  OSA is a condition whereas the airways become narrow or obstructed, causing a person to snore and at times to stop breathing for brief periods in their sleep.  This is due to the muscles of the throat and face relaxing at night, which compresses or even collapses the airway.  If [...]
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