Dentists May Offer a Cure to Snoring

Finding a cure by Dentist.

Snoring is a huge problem around the world. Nearly 70% of adults snore at one time or another, leaving their sleeping partner awake through the night and tired all day long. The snorers themselves also suffer with the sluggish day, having to change sleeping positions through the night either due to sleep apnea or the prompting of their partner in order to quiet the noise. Waking during the night interrupts sleep patterns, preventing the rest that the body needs to get through the busy days. But can a visit to the dentist help in finding a cure?

One site states that oral appliances that are prescribed by your dentist can help. The appliances are fitted to your jaw size and molded to your existing teeth and are designed to shift your jaw forward during sleep in order to keep airways open to prevent snoring. Some find that the apparatuses work for them, while others continue to create that infernal nighttime noise that interrupts their sleep as well as those around them. If the snoring problem is mild, your dentist may be able to help with the technology available to them. However, if the snoring continues, it may be time to see your family doctor in order to diagnose underlying conditions that contribute to snoring, such as chronic allergies, swelling or inflammation in the tissues of the throat or asthma.

Finding a cure by Dentist.

Oral appliances prescribed by dentist designed to shift jaw size.

Some conditions that cause the symptom of snoring can be a major risk to health, obstructing the functions of the airway in such a way as to prevent proper breathing or a total cessation of breathing. It is important to note the difference between airway congestion due to a cold versus more serious conditions that can be life-threatening. Once any serious conditions are ruled out, your dentist is able to prescribe the proper device to prevent routine snoring with some individuals.

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