Does A Bear Hug Cure Snoring?

12 24 11 Polar Bear Pillow

It is a fact that snoring is one of the most annoying ailments in the world, with the noise keeping a bed partner awake and leaving the snorer feeling fatigued every day due to lack of quality sleep.  So it is no wonder that there are so many companies that create different devices and concoctions in an effort to solve the problem.  Some work well for one person while they are not effective for others.  But there is a new treatment that has been introduced at the November 2011 International Robot Exhibition (IREX) in Tokyo.

The invention is called Jukusui-Kun, which means “deep sleep” in Japanese, and is a robotic polar bear pillow.  The device contains a remote pulse oxygen meter that is attached to the snorer’s hand, in the form of a baby polar bear.  When the snoring gets too loud and the oxygen level in the blood drops, the bear goes into action, and gently paws at the face of the snorer.  Quite often, that gentle touch will make the snorer change position without waking them, stopping the snoring.

The bear also contains a microphone so it can monitor the noise level of the snoring.  A wireless terminal collects and analyses the data and controls the actions of Jukusui-Kun.  It is quite an imaginative and useful tool in the fight against snoring, but the product is still only in its testing stages, and is not yet available to consumers.

With the high-tech gadgetry the bear contains, there is the question of how effective the device is.  The Waseda University in Tokyo is probably the only institution that can answer that question when their testing phase is complete.  But you have to admit that the premise behind it is “sound” one.

If you have information on similar devices to help with a snoring problem, please share it in our comments section for all of our fellow snorers.