Does Snoring Affect Your Sex Life?

Snoring Sex Life

You found Mr. Right, and you are prepared to spend the rest of your life with him.  He is everything you dreamed of – until you found you couldn’t get much dreaming in at night.  He snores.  And he snores loudly!  But you are willing to overlook this one glitch in the relationship, since he’s the best thing that has ever happened for you.  So night after night you toss and turn, hoping the snoring will stop long enough for you to get some sleep.  But it never does.

This is a common problem in a lot of relationships.  All of those nights that you go without some good quality sleep start to wear you down, affecting your daily life and your work.  Not only are you not getting the sleep you need, but he isn’t either.  That snoring is depriving him of oxygen that his body needs in order to rejuvenate itself.  So both of you drag through your days, afraid to confront each other about how you feel.  You want sleep, and he wants you to stop jabbing an elbow into his ribs.

Crawling into bed together each night should be something that couples look forward to, since it builds on the intimacy of the relationship.  But sometimes couples begin to sleep in separate beds in order to get some sleep.  Being in separate sleeping quarters causes a lack of intimacy, and couples may stop having sexual encounters.  This puts even more of a strain on the relationship.  The irritability of sleep deprivation and the isolation of sleeping alone can ultimately bring you both to resent each other.  When the relationship gets to this point, it’s time to do something about it.  That means being able to communicate and working together to solve the snoring problem.

You should keep in mind that snoring is a physical problem, and not an intentional way for him to annoy you.  Bring up the snoring problem with a bit of humor, but don’t go overboard.  He might be embarrassed over his snoring problem, and can get defensive.  Suggest a trip to the doctor’s office to find the cause of the snoring so that the problem can be treated.  Discussing the issue together shows how much you really care about each other, and can help to bring back that intimacy you once shared.

If you and your spouse are working together to solve a snoring problem, please share your experiences here.  We would love to hear your story, and how you addressed the problem.