Does Snoring Create Bullies?

Child is Sleeping at School Hours

There is an ongoing problem in schools today with disruptive or aggressive behavior in children. Most notable are the many cases of bullying that have been prevalent in the news, with children not only being mentally and emotionally battered, but also suffering physical injury at the hands of their school mates. So it is no wonder that physicians and scientists are taking a closer look at what causes the aggression being displayed.

Dr. Louise O’Brien, PhD from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan did a study that found a connection between sleep problems and aggression. She stated that sleep problems were common in children with poor behavior, and then went on to prove it. She did mention that it was not necessarily sleep apnea, but children with chronic snoring problems were also affected, as well as children that do not allow themselves enough time to get good quality sleep.

Child is Sleeping at School Hours

Chronic snoring problems can create bullies.

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Dr. O’Brien’s study suggests that children that are sleep deprived, no matter what the reason, are more likely be sleepy during school hours, with the sleep deprivation contributing to aggressive behavior or disruptive behavior during and outside of the classroom. In addition, she mentioned that the aggression or disruptions were more prevalent in children with chronic snoring problems versus those who do not causing excessive sleepiness due to poor quality sleep, and not necessarily the amount of sleep.

Parents should be aware of their children’s sleep habits as well as any sleep disorders or chronic snoring problem that may prevent good sleep for the recommended hours. She found that 23% of the 341 children studied and sleep-disordered breathing, such as snoring or sleep apnea. In addition, 32% of the total children studied showed signs of conduct problems. Dr. O’Brien also made a great point in that children now have access to different electronics such as cell phones and video games that they take to bed with them. Preventing the use of these items an hour before the scheduled bedtime can help to calm the mind for sleep instead farther stimulating it, preventing the child from going to sleep.

In addition, make sure your child has enough time to sleep. The amount of time for sleep for elementary school children is 10 to 11 hours without interruption. Watch for any sleep disorder such as loud or chronic snoring in order give your child their best sleep.

Please leave your comments and advice here in order to help others get a good night’s sleep without snoring. For more information, “Snoring Causes and Treatments – the Whole Story” is available to help.