Exploring The Root Cause of Your Snoring

To stop snoring, you first need to identify the root cause of your snoring.

One of the most frequent questions that I get except for “how do I stop snoring”, is “what is causing my snoring”.

Most people often have an idea of what might be causing their snoring. Guess what? Most of them are wrong, and that’s why they’re still snoring.

Many think that they have to lose weight or stop smoking to stop snoring. I wouldn’t say that doing these things wouldn’t affect your snoring. In fact, it would probably greatly reduce your snoring and maybe even cure it.

(And as a side note, it’s worth mentioning that your snoring might prevent you from losing weight. Seems pretty stupid to try to lose weight to stop snoring when it is your snoring that is keeping your weight in a headlock, right?)

Nevertheless, there are easier ways!

So let’s forget about the issues on the surface that seems to be causing your snoring for one second, and dig down to the very root causes of your snoring.

Very few are looking at the root causes of snoring, even though this, in most cases, is essential to curing snoring.

To stop snoring, you first need to identify the root cause of your snoring.

To really understand that causes of snoring, we need to look at what snoring is really caused by, which is “any narrowing or blockage in the breathing passage”. This is the cause of every single case of snoring, no exceptions.

With this in mind, it sounds easy to cure any type of snoring, but you need to know that this airway block could be located anywhere in your breathing passage.

For example, you might have a tense jaw, which is causing you to sleep with your mouth open, which again creates more resistance in the breathing, making the soft tissues vibrate and cause the snoring sound.

In that case it would make more sense to cure your tense jaw than to lose weight or stop smoking, right?

“But Andreas, how on earth would I know if I have a tense jaw that is causing my snoring?”

Well, actually, I’ve made it very easy. Because so many people like you kept asking me questions like that, I decided to put together a tool that can easily indentify all the root causes of your snoring and give you a list of personalized cures and treatments that you can do at home.

You can actually try it for free, simply by clicking on the link below and entering your first name and email address. In addition I’ll give you some good tips that will give you immediate relief of your snoring:

Stop Snoring

To quiet nights,
Andreas Henderson

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