Funny Faces Can Cure Snoring

Lips of Fish

Every time a small child sticks his or her tongue out at someone, it is just so cute that we have to laugh. Although it is not really proper behavior, we cannot help but chuckle at the immaturity of it, remembering our own childhood days. Other funny faces, like pulling back the corners of their mouth or making that “fish lips” face are also just so cute that a hidden giggle is in order before we dole out the discipline. But did you know that those cute little funny faces can cure snoring as well?

It’s true. Although the incidence of heavy snoring is not as prevalent in children as it is with adults, those funny faces are a key factor in preventing and curing snoring. It should be noted that snoring is not a medical condition, but rather a symptom of other medical conditions. Most notably is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). This is a condition where the airways tend to collapse during sleep, causing a vibration of the tissues as the sleeper tries to take deep breaths to have the oxygen to circulate in the body. At times, a complete obstruction can occur, causing the cessation of breathing that triggers the brain to wake you up or change position in order to breathe again. This prevents the deep sleep that is necessary to rejuvenate the muscles and allow the brain to go into the deepest stage of sleep, making you feel sluggish when you get up to face your day.

Lips of Fish

Funny faces are a key factor in preventing and curing snoring.

The study showed that the throat and facial exercises reduce the incidence of snoring by 39% in the participants that stayed with the exercise program. The study also notes that the problem with this cure to snoring is that some people will not stay with the exercise program long enough to reap the benefits. However, the point is made that the exercises do build the muscles in the throat and face that are necessary in keeping the airways open during sleep.

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