How Snoring Affects Your Sleep


The following article is written by a guest expert from Uratex. 

Do you snore? I know I do when I’m really tired. According to studies conducted by experts, almost half of all adults around the world snore when they sleep. There are many known causes of snoring from your health, to your sleeping position, and even the kind of bed mattress that’s used. The snores of some people go almost unnoticed. But what if the person you’re sleeping with snores unbearably? There are only two ways to go from here: either you sleep elsewhere or you prevent him/her from snoring.

What causes snoring?

The sound you hear from snoring is caused by the reduced airways that struggle to go through the back of your throat. There are a lot of factors that contribute to snoring. Here are some of them:

  • Aging: As we age, our throat muscles become increasingly relaxed.
  • Obesity: The fatty tissue around our neck also reduces the airways. The nasal track is blocked by the stored fat in your body.
  • Nose and throat abnormalities: If you have enlarged tonsils or nose inflammations, the air passageway in your throat is also affected.
  • Alcoholic consumption: Alcohol is very effective in relaxing the muscles. Taking any muscle relaxants at night will contribute to snoring.
  • Smoking: The nasal passages are blocked by the smoke you inhale. Since it affects your lungs, then it will definitely affect your breathing as well.

Sleep apnea is a disorder in which you are not able to breathe freely thus creating that snoring sound. The loud snorts caused by this chronic snoring can prevent you from falling sound asleep all night long.

Is snoring something to be worried about?

Of course it is. First of all, you, yourself, won’t be able to sleep soundly let alone your partner. If you lack sleep, how can you concentrate on your tasks during the day? You are also at risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, memory problems, weight gain, depression, accelerated aging, and many more.

How can I resolve this problem?

There are many ways to do this including taking antidepressants and surgeries. But it’s always better to try and solve it naturally first. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Sleep on your side: I’m sure you’ve heard this solution many times before. It’s an easy and often times, incredible fix to your snoring problems because as you lie on your side, your breathing is not obstructed as the tongue’s base will not collapse on the back of your throat.
  • Raise bed’s head: Whenever you have colds, you have difficulty breathing correct? If you lie down flat on your bed, this feeling is magnified. So you get more pillows in order raise your head higher than your body in order to breathe a little easier. The same concept applies to snoring. If you raise the head of your bed by about 4 inches, this will do wonders. You can attach bed wedges to accomplish this.
  • Exercise and lose weight: Obesity is one of man’s worst enemy. Not only don’t you look good but it causes a lot of health problems. Do yourself a favor and exercise, go on a diet and lose those extra pounds.
  • Get a comfortable bed mattress: If you have a thin mattress or a poorly built bed, then your sleeping position will be awkward which will result in an uncomfortable sleep. Good mattresses should be able to support your back as it should be aligned such that a wider air passage is created allowing you to breathe freely.
  • Reduce, if not completely eliminate, smoking and drinking: This is especially hard to do for those who have gotten used to it but nothing is ever easy. But for yourself, and your family, give it a go.
  • Proper room ventilation: A well ventilated bedroom will keep you cool and comfortable at night allowing you a good night’s sleep.

Speaking of sleep, this is probably the most basic of basics in solving your snoring problem. Allow your body to get around 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Always remember that there are two general categories when it comes to snoring: external (namely your sleeping environment such as the bed mattress you use) and internal (namely your health). Both these factors are under your control. Keep them in mind the next time you create your own concerto at night.

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