New Device for Sleep Apnea –Does It Work?

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There are 18 million Americans that have sleep apnea.  This is a condition where the sufferer quits breathing for multiple brief periods each night when they sleep due to obstructed airways.  One of the most prevalent symptoms of sleep apnea is snoring, as the sleeper tries to inhale and exhale air through narrowed or obstructed air passages.  The soft tissues in the mouth and throat begin to vibrate as the air passes through, causing the snoring.  If the airways narrow too much, or totally collapse, the snorer quits breathing for a brief time, until their brain triggers them to either wake up or reposition themselves in order to start breathing again.

Not only does sleep apnea disrupt the sleep of the snorer, but their bed partner as well.  More often than not partners seek out treatment with Continuous Positive Air Pressure (CPAP) machine in order to stop the snoring and prevent the cessation of breathing.  But ABC’s Channel 7 News in Denver, Colorado reports that there is another treatment available that is less cumbersome and easier to use.  The product is called Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy, and instead of using a mask that covers the mouth and nose of the patient, it uses a MicroValve design instead.  The Provent valves are inserted into the nostrils, and they create pressure when the sleeper exhales in order to keep the airways open.  The treatment is covered by some medical insurance companies, and does not require the use of a mask or a machine.  This provides the sleeper with more comfort, and with some impressive results.

Studies showed that 72 percent of patients that used the treatment had a 50 percent reduction in the periods of apnea (cessation of breathing) during sleep and snoring was reduced by 65 percent in 88 percent of the patients studied.  According to sleep apnea patient Joyce Nemoga, the treatment works.

Finding the right snoring treatment or cure for you or a loved one may be as easy as visiting your doctor.  If you have advice for others in choosing a snoring treatment, please post it here.  The snorer and their bed partner will thank you.