Pressure Stockings Help Snoring


If you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) then you already know what it is and how it can affect your overall health.  OSA is a condition whereas the airways become narrow or obstructed, causing a person to snore and at times to stop breathing for brief periods in their sleep.  This is due to the muscles of the throat and face relaxing at night, which compresses or even collapses the airway.  If the sleeper stops breathing, the brain signals them to reposition themselves or to wake up in order to begin breathing again.  Not only does this disrupt the sleep of the sufferer of OSA, but the snoring that is the main symptom of the condition keeps bed partners awake also.

But OSA causes and treatments have been the subject of another recent study, and the results may surprise you.  Researchers at the University of Brescia, Italy found that using full-length compression stockings reduces snoring and the periods of apnea during sleep.  The stockings are normally used to prevent deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) in the legs as well as to regulate blood flow through the legs.  However, the researchers discovered that controlling fluid retention in the legs during the day with the stockings reduced the accumulation of fluids to neck at night.

The patients studied were known to have Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI), which prompts fluid collection in the legs.  The research showed that with the use of the stockings there was a 62% reduction in overnight leg fluid volume change and a 60% reduction in the neck circumference increase in association with a 32% reduction is the number of apneas per hour of sleep.  It was concluded that the redistribution of fluid from the legs into the neck at night plays a causative role in OSA, and the prevention of fluid accumulation in the legs in the daytime and its redistribution to neck at night reduces OSA in patients with CVI.

This research shows that underlying health conditions do affect snoring in people.  Share your thoughts here, as well as any other research you have found in snoring cures.