Sharing the Bed with Your Husband Can Help Him Stop Snoring

2 Sharing the Bed

We have all experienced this, or at least heard of it. As you begin to drift off to sleep, you hear some loud noises that would be similar to a lumberyard, but don’t worry, it’s not a nightmare, it’s your husband, and he is snoring. So, what can you do? Well, some new studies show that in married couples the wife holds the keys to helping her husband with his sleep apnea problems.

Obstructive sleep apnea is the most common thing when it comes to interruption while sleeping. What usually happens is that the airways actually collapse, which in turns causes blocked or shallow breathing, and the sound of snoring accompanies it. So, what did these studies find? Well, the couples were allowed to sleep together for two nights in a lab to get a baseline before being treated. After the men went home, they were hooked up to a breathing device that delivers CPAP, which is known as continuous positive airway pressure.

Believe it or not, the studies found that the treatment worked much better when men slept in the same bed as their wives. The couples that shared the bed with each other had fewer wake-ups. The women who left the bed woke up more often, even when their men were not snoring. In a news release the Doctor whom conducted these studies said that married couples should be educated together and treated together. That way, they go through everything together, and it’s already been proven that sleep apnea is nowhere near as bad when couples are with each other.

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