Sharing The Bed With Your Significant Other Helps To Reduce Snoring

Image courtesy of David Goehring via Flikr

Have you ever laid down beside of your partner, seemingly just fallen asleep, and then it sounds like a jackhammer is sharing the bed with you? Do not worry; your house is not in the process of being demolished. Instead, your partner is snoring up a storm, and you find it hard to sleep because of it. I am sure this has happened too many times to count on both of your hands, but in a recent study done by the Rush University Medical Center located in Chicago has shown that there is hope if you want to quit snoring, or if you want your partner to quit snoring.

The study involved ten men that suffered from sleep apnea, as well as their wives that were unaffected by sleep apnea, and did not snore. The couples were able to sleep together for two nights in a laboratory, so that the Center would be able to find a solid baseline before they decided to attempt to treat the couple. After the two nights were up, they sent the couple home and continued their study on the men for up to two more weeks. Believe it or not, the study proved that men were able to sleep much better when they slept in the same bed as their wives.

The study showed that the men adhered to their snoring treatment with CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) 74% of the time versus only 43% of the time when their wives were not in bed with them.

If you or your spouse suffers from a snoring problem, have you noticed that when you share the bed with each other that the problem tends to dissipate? If you haven’t noticed, start keeping track of the snoring problem and let us know if the above was able to help with your or your spouse’s snoring problem.