Sleep Apnea Can Actually Ruin Your Life

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For a few uncomfortable years , Dr. Evaristo Badiola, would wake up in the morning and he did not have a clue as to why he did not have the energy to successfully cope with life’s daily tasks. Also, he would gain weight, despite the plentiful amount of exercise he allotted to himself every day.

Badiola, who is a psychiatrist that practices at the Brain Chemistry Center LLC in Lakeland, would find himself getting sleepy throughout the day, and as a result found himself taking naps, and this was a daily occurrence for over five years. When it came to exercising, he thought it would give him more energy, but it actually had the opposite effect. He would exercise regularly, but would still gain weight despite his efforts.

Fortunately for Dr. Badiola, he had a chance conversation with another doctor whom led him to get tested in a sleep disorders lab in sunny California. The findings came as a bit of a shock to him, as he was diagnosed with sleep apnea, which is known as one of the leading causes of excessive daytime sleepiness.

This finding helped him understand the symptoms, but it did not do much for his wife, Catalina, whom would elbow him through-out the night because of his excessive loud snoring. It would keep her awake many nights, affecting her own life in a negative manner.

Sleep apnea is a common disorder found through-out many Americans, and it can range from mild to intense severity, which people have pauses in their breathing while sleeping, or they suffer from shallow breaths. Badiola’s disorder was so severe that it was found in the tests that he would actually stop breathing 69 times while he was trying to sleep. As a result, it lowered his blood oxygen levels and dropped it to 62, while below 90 is considered being low.

If you have any stories to share with us about your sleep apnea disorder, please leave us a comment, as we would love to hear your horror story about this terrible disorder.