Snoring Again – Seriously?

couple sleeping

Take heed Moms!  It is found that you are probably more sleep deprived than your spouse.  Not only do you wake up to take care of your children, but you wake up when your spouse quits breathing at night or snores so loud that you cannot stand the noise.  There are times when you go to sleep in one place in your home to find yourself waking up in another one, because you don’t remember moving to the new location or why you moved there.  Other times, you are awake for more than forty-two minutes in a stretch due to snoring noise or a child’s demands.

If you are really looking for a good night’s sleep, at least get rid of the persistent snoring from your spouse that keeps you awake, or interrupts your sleep at night.  There are tests that can determine the cause of his snoring, and treatments that can bring you some silence at night in order to get your winks in as well.  It is shown that men are twice as likely to have snoring problems than women, and some of causes of the snoring can be dangerous to their  overall health.  Snoring can contribute to high blood pressure, heart disease, and even stroke if it is not diagnosed and treated.

Having those worries on your mind, as well as the noise you listen to each night, should prompt you to get your spouse into your doctor’s office to get started on diagnosis and treatment of the snoring problem in order to prevent health issues in the future as well as being able to get at least some of the sleep you need in order to get through your day.  A sleep study can determine if your spouse has any major sleep disorders that require treatment, and routine medical studies through your family physician can find any underlying medical conditions that can contribute to a snoring problem.

If you have any questions, or need direction in finding a snoring treatment for a loved one, please post them here.  There are many people that can help you to get the snoring cures you need for a good night’s sleep.