Snoring Can Mean Smaller Babies

Sleeping Woman

If you are a woman that snores, pay close attention.  That snoring could mean that you have a condition called Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).  This is a condition where the muscles that support the airways become relaxed, allowing the airways to become narrowed or to collapse.  One of the major symptoms of this condition is loud snoring.  There are also times when the snorer quits breathing for short periods of time during sleep, causing them to wake up to reposition themselves in order to breathe again.

Here is the part that should concern you, ladies.  A study of 41 pregnant women in Victoria, Australia that have OSA showed that have babies that slow down in their growth rate prior to birth, or are born with lower birth weights compared to pregnant women without the affliction.  Although more research is needed to substantiate the findings, women should take notice and get their snoring problems treated effectively.  Dr. Allison Fung, the lead obstetrician in the study, said the findings should not alarm pregnant women that snore, since not all snoring is related to OSA.

Of the 41 women that were included in the study, 10 were diagnosed with having sleep apnea.  However it is estimated that between 20 and 35 percent of pregnant will snore due to the increase of the hormone progesterone in the body that causes increased stuffiness in the airways and nasal congestion.  In addition, the baby presses upward on the diaphragm, causing a decrease in lung capacity that contributes to snoring.

The point of the study is that women that snore prior to a pregnancy should see their doctor to be sure there are no underlying causes and to rule out the presence of OSA.  If the snoring is due to temporary problems, simple cures are available.

Tell us your opinion on the findings of this study, and whether you feel pregnant women should be alarmed by these findings.