Snoring Causes And Treatments – The Whole Story

The most important thing to know when you want to stop snoring is what’s causing the snoring, otherwise you won’t have any clue about which snoring treatment that will work for you.

Let’s first explain what snoring is. You see, snoring is caused by a blockage in the breathing passages. This blockage can be located in two different places; in the throat, in the nose or both. We break this down further and locate the specific elements that are causing you to snore.

Snoring Causes Explored

# The Nose
Often for people with a deviated septum or other nasal problems, the nose gets partially or completely blocked when lying down. This can either result in sounds from the vibrations in the nasal passages, or it may also cause in open-mouth breathing which often results in snoring.

In order to address this snoring cause, you need to prevent your nose from collapsing. Nasal strips are often effective in these cases.

# The Tongue
If you have weak tongue muscles, the tongue can sometimes fall back during sleep, partially blocking the throat and somewhat restricting breathing.

There are at least two good snoring treatments for this problem. Firstly, you can do exercises to strengthen your tongue. Secondly, you can use oral appliances to keep your tongue in place during sleep.

Couple struggling with snoring

Wouldn't it be nice to find your snoring cause and sleep in peace?

# The Jaw
If you have weak jaw muscles, or perhaps a blocked nose, you will be very likely to sleep with an open mouth. Having the jaw in the “open”-position puts pressure on the throat, making in narrower and increasing the chance of snoring.

Chin-up strips and jaw exercises would be recommended in this case.

# The Throat
Sometimes soft tissues in the throat can block the airflow through the throat. You may choose to undergo surgery and have the extra tissue removed, but this can be both dangerous and expensive and in nearly all cases you will be able to use other snoring treatments to achieve the same results.

Losing weight is very effective in this case, as this will decrease the amount of fat around the throat, relieving the pressure and improving breathing. Please note that you usually don’t have to lose a lot of weight for this to take effect.

You may also choose to start singing, or at least start doing some singing/throat exercises. This will not only strengthen the muscles around the throat, but it will also help burn away the fat around the throat, which will reduce or possibly eliminate snoring.