Snoring is Not Just A Problem That Affects Men

113011 Woman sleeping

People are usually surprised how often women are treated for snoring problems, just as well as men. It is estimated that 25% of women are affected by snoring, or they at least share the bed with a partner that does have a snoring problem. Women can, and actually do snore, and it is a problem that can affect women of all ages. However, it has been noticed that the problem most often occurs in women that are over the age of 60, or women that are going through a pregnancy.

Believe it or not, although men are more likely to suffer from snoring than women, but for men it is only a physical thing. When it comes to a snoring problem for women it can actually affect them psychologically as well. Since society has labeled snoring men as something that is seen as being masculine and “manly-like”, women feel that when they snore it is embarrassing or not very lady like.

The problem can certainly run much deeper with women than just the fact that they are losing some well-needed sleep, and it can also affect their partner. The embarrassment that this can cause for women can be mild, but it can also be much more serious than that. Snoring women may actually begin to suffer from self-esteem levels beginning to fall. They also may be weary of entering a relationship with men, because of their embarrassing problem.

That being said if you are a woman that snores you are not alone and there are treatments and cures for your problem. Do not let snoring ruin your life any longer and get the help you deserve. If you are a woman with a snoring problem, or you know a woman that snores please leave a comment in the section below.