Snoring is the New Mistress in Marriages

Snoring New Mistress

Ok, so your spouse snores.  He probably says that you do, too.  Men are the most afflicted by snoring disorders, probably due to their body mass and musculature that is a male trait.  Their necks are thicker, their chests have more muscle, and they tend to fall asleep in some awkward positions.  All of these contribute to a snoring problem.  Some men will still feel rested after a night of keeping the wife awake with their snoring, while others wake up feeling as if they haven’t slept at all.  This could be a condition called Sleep Apnea.

There are times during sleep that he may quit breathing for short periods of time due to airway obstruction.  He changes position to breathe again, and then resumes snoring.  And so the night-time drama continues.  Mrs. Smith is left holding a pillow over her hears in order to block out the rumble, while Mr. Smith “saws logs,” getting all of the rest that he can.  The problem is that neither one of them are willing to do anything about it, being unwilling to find a solution to the problem.

Instead of addressing the problem, both partners will complain to each other, only reinforcing negative feelings toward the problem.  Instead of concentrating on finding their cure for snoring, they are only pushing each other away.  Just like having a mistress in the marriage, the snoring becomes the wedge that can dissolve the relationship.

The suggestion is that the couple should sit down and decide how to treat the snoring problem, rather than giving in to an ingrained urge to complain with a feeling of helplessness.  In discussing the problem rationally different options can come to light, and there is bound to be one that satisfies both in the marriage.  There is plenty of information on snoring cures available, so don’t be afraid to explore and share your experiences here as well.