Snoring Kills Productivity

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You found the perfect employee.  She shows up early for work each morning, is pleasant to be around, and gets a lot of work done before lunchtime.  But by two o’clock in the afternoon, she is slumped at her desk, asleep.  She probably isn’t the only one in the office that has this problem.  And after the first few weeks of work, you notice the development of irritability and trouble concentrating.  Does this pattern sound familiar?  It should.  There are millions of people that suffer these affects due to a snoring bed partner.

Believe it or not, these people do bring their home lives with them to work in the fact that they get very little quality sleep each night.  Their sleep is interrupted because of the noise of their snoring bed partner.  This causes that sluggishness and lack of productivity that can cost companies upwards of billions of dollars in a year due to sleep deprivation, both on the part of the snorer and their bed partner.

Although there are many causes for snoring, one that causes the persistent snoring that occurs night after night is sleep apnea.  This is when the muscles of the throat relaxes, allowing the tissues to vibrate with the inhale and exhale in breathing and even for the trachea (the wind pipe) to constrict or collapse.  The result is that the snorer quits breathing for a few seconds, making them gasp and even snore louder in order to get the air they need.  They change positions, either by themselves or by the elbow jabbing of their bed partner, and return to sleep.  But by them, the damage is done.  They already have that interruption in sleep that causes all of those daytime symptoms.  Not only that, but have the lack of oxygen that gives their body a restorative sleep.

It’s important you learn more about this condition if you have a snoring bed partner, or even if you snore yourself.  Feel free to share experiences here for others to learn from.