Straighten Your Spine to Cure Snoring

Spine Alignment to Cure Snoring

Everyone snores at one time or another, whether it is due to allergic congestion or the common cold. However, some people are chronic snorers, interrupting not only their own sleep but also the sleep of anyone in their households. There are some simple cures that work for some people, improving the quality of their sleep and letting others have some peace and quiet. But before you run out any buy an off-the-shelf stop snoring aid, you should find the reason for the snoring.

There have been studies done through the years to find the reasons for snoring, and there was one found that most people never think of. One study found that the alignment of your spine contributes to the other symptoms that cause snoring. It has been discovered that subluxations (bulging discs) in the neck and upper back contribute to the tissue and airway collapse that can cause snoring. It may also contribute to Obstructive Sleep Apnea Disorder Syndrome (OSADS) that is a more serious and dangerous condition that causes the sleeper to not only snore, but also to stop breathing (apnea) during sleep. With most people that are diagnosed with OSADS, the periods of apnea are short, since our brains force us to awaken or to change position in order to breathe again.

Spine Alignment to Cure Snoring

Proper exercise and alignment of your spine to cure snoring.

Alignment of the spine is important in preventing subluxations, as well as proper exercise and taking precautions with heavy lifting and repetitive movements that can contribute to the condition. One suggestion is to see your doctor or chiropractor to see if your spine presents with problems of subluxation or abnormal curvature of the cervical (neck) spine.

Although the study mentioned above may not seem new to anyone, it takes years of controlled study to make a determination in the causes of snoring because there are many, and they vary from person to person. Results of such studies must be verified before they are published, in order to provide the most accurate information and advice to snorers and their families. However, the best advice is to consult with your preferred medical professionals in your quest for your snoring cure.

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