The Food You Eat Can Cure Snoring

It can cause snoring

There are many things that can cause a person to snore at night, like allergies, congestion from the common cold or simplly an awkward sleeping position. In most cases, the cause is an inflammation in the airways that causes constriction that allows less air to pass through them, causing the sleeper to take deeper breaths that cause a vibration of the tissues in the throat that make the snoring noise. There may be a simple solution to this problem. Control the foods you eat.

There are several foods that tend to cause inflammation in the airways for some people, contributing to a snoring problem. Whether it is due to an allergy or just the general properties of the food is not scientifically proven to date, but the general properties of the food tends to cause airway irritations that lead to obstructions and snoring for some people due to food sensitivity and acid reflux problems that inhibit proper breathing during sleep. For example, tomatoes, whether in raw form or in sauces and juices may cause heartburn or acid reflux that not only keeps you awake at night, but may cause inflammation of your airways if you have a sensitivity to the fruit.

It can cause snoring

Control the foods you eat to stop snoring.

Eating a heavy meal late in the day that includes high starch foods such as potatoes, high fat fried foods, refined wheat products like white bread and some dairy products such as yellow cheeses (high in fats) may also contribute to your snoring and sleep disruption. There are some better choices in your eating habits that can help to stop your snoring as well as allow a better night’s sleep.

First, don’t eat late meals. You should eat four hours before going to bed, and include foods such as spinach, fish (high in omega-3 fatty acids) or dishes that contain fresh garlic, since the bulbs are known to be good for blood health. Don’t eat a fat-ridden snack such as potato chips or heavily buttered popcorn before sleeping. The body tends to pull energy away from the throat muscles in order to digest the heavy meal or snack, leaving your neck muscles lacking in the energy they need to keep your airways wide open to prevent snoring. Good choices in the foods you eat during the day can prevent or cure the incidence of snoring, allowing a peaceful night of sleep for all.

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