The Snore Wars Continue

Snore Wars

It’s no secret that everyone snores every once in awhile.  It happens.  But when it comes to the constant bone-rattling, window shaking rumblings that happen night after night, some bed partners get a bit touchy when their sleep in interrupted.  Other people find it amusing on occasions.  They even go so far as to say that sometimes that snoring has its benefits.

But the benefits are only for the amusement of others, and can be quite serious to the snorer.  It could be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and can deprive the snorer of oxygen and good quality sleep.  The snorer can stop breathing temporarily several times a night, interrupting sleep when the snorer has to change position in order to start breathing again.

However, given the seriousness of the situation, some rather amusing stories can be told by the spouses and significant others of a snorer.  One example is given in the Palmer-Forks Patch in Pennsylvania, USA.  Tamara Kells tells the tale of how her husband’s snoring helped motherhood become a bit easier.

It’s no surprise that babies cry.  Even when they are not hungry, their diapers are dry, and they seem to have everything they need for a night’s sleep, they still cry.  More often than not, certain sounds or motions will help them to drift off into slumber.  In this case, was Tamara’s husband that provided the solution.

He would place the baby on his chest, kick back in his recliner, and drift off to sleep and snore.  Time after time, Tamara watched her babies fall asleep to that loud bunch of noise.  But the babies loved it.  It worked every time.  Even when they were older, thunderstorms would scare them into their parents’ bed.  But sleeping bags on the floor and Daddy’s snoring put them down for the count each night, with them waking up fresh every morning.  But the fact is that Daddy might have suffered through those nights when he gave his children comfort in the noise.

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