Yes You Do Snore!

Image courtesy of Alex Erde via Flikr

A lot of spouses stay awake at night listening to their spouses snore.  They toss and turn, not being able to sleep because of the noise.  But you have to wonder if they ever consider the cause of the snoring.  Some couples sleep apart because of the snoring, but they aren’t sure why their spouse snores, nor what to do about it.  At first, you nudge them and make them turn over, or pinch their nose to make them take a deep breath through their mouth.  But do you know why they snore in the first place?

It could be a medical condition called sleep apnea.  Apnea is defined as an absence of breathing.  So you have that hint.  There are reasons for the snoring, due to blockages in the airways that can cause a collapse or narrowing of the airways that causes a person to make a snoring noise when they breathe in.  The incoming air causes the tissues of the throat to vibrate, making the noise that we call snoring.  Sometimes, even an exhaled breath can make the same noise.  After some time, the muscles of the throat relax during sleep and cause a person to have a temporary cessation of breathing.  Most times, a person will shift position, allowing the throat to open again and they take in a deep breath to replenish oxygen in their body that was depleted during a period of apnea.  But be warned – there are times when someone does not shift, and sleep apnea can be fatal.

Spouses, take heed.  Snoring is not just annoying.  It can be a sign of a serious medical condition.  This condition is not restricted to grown men or women, but can include children as well.  Other medical conditions can contribute to sleep apnea, so we all must be vigilant of the snoring activities of the entire family in order to and or treat the medical problems that can be damaging to family life.

If you have a snoring problem in your household, share it here.  We may be able to help you to find the source and point you to a cure.  After all, none of us like the noise.