Your Life Choices Can Cure Snoring

Healthy Foods Diet

It is no secret that everyone snores at one point or another, disrupting their own sleep as well as that of others within hearing range. Believe it or not, men tend to snore more often than women, with an estimated 45% of men versus 30% of women reporting a snoring problem. However, there are lifestyle choices that contribute to snoring that can be changed in order to cure your snoring problem. These changes are simple, and may put an end to the noise and the fatigue that everyone feels each morning after a bout with snoring.

First is to watch the type of foods you eat and when you eat them, since some can contribute to the airway inflammation that contributes to snoring. Diet changes can also help you to lose weight that may also contribute to a snoring problem, putting pressure on the airways causing the constriction and tissue vibration that causes the sound heard during snoring, as well as the lack of restoring oxygen to the body during sleep.

Healthy Foods Diet

The best way to cure your snoring problem.

The muscles in the throat that support and widen the pharynx and trachea (wind pipe) in the daytime while you are awake relax when you are asleep. For some, this causes a mild case of snoring that is not that disturbing the bed partners. However, with the use of sleep enhancers like sleeping pills and muscle relaxers provide even more relaxation of the muscles needed to keep airways open during sleep. In addition, heavy alcohol use in the evening before sleep should be avoided since the beverages act as a muscle relaxer. Cessation of the use of these muscle relaxation aids will assist in your snoring cure.

In addition, getting more exercise during your day will help you to get a better quality sleep at night without the collapsing of airways due to total muscle relaxation, since your brain triggers them to stay active while the rest of your body rests for the following day. Simple changes in your lifestyle reap big results in curing your snoring problem, whether it is intermittent or a chronic condition. Your doctor can provide more information on snoring cures as well.

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